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VHI Women’s Mini Marathon – what is it all about?

12 May 2017 · 2 min read
VHI Women's mini marathon

Being organised since 1983, the VHI Women’s mini marathon event has grown to one of the biggest of its kind in the world. Starting with about 9,000 participants, there will be over 40,000 women running or walking during this unique event in Dublin. In 2016, €6 million haven been raised which makes it a total of €203 million since the event has been launched for the first time. That’s an incredible amount of money that no-one could ever have expected.

All of this is voluntarily and only women are allowed to participate. To make it fair however, men can involve themselves but only under one condition: Dress up as a woman! Weeks of preparation, eating healthy and training are involved in this massive event in Dublin city. Next to donating to charities, another mission of this event has become to encourage a healthy lifestyle. Awareness is being created on how important it is to engage in sports and to follow a ritual of good food.

Many Irish charities have been chosen by companies or individuals to be donated to and it has been a success each year. Mont Clare Hotel has chosen Olivia’s special horses as this year’s charity. Their goal is to cherish and support children with disabilities. Therapeutic horse riding is at the core of what they do and needs support.

The trail is usually published a month in advance but you would never be able to lose yourself because you only have to follow the crowd. DJ’s are to be found on each corner, thousands of people are coming to watch and support and drinks are distributed for the runners by volunteers. It’s a day filled of fun and all for a good cause.

Using sponsor cards, runners or walkers can make their families, friends or strangers sponsor them by donating a small amount of money and signing the cards. The O’Callaghan team however organises each year cookie selling, hotdog days and ice-cream stands in order to raise money within the company.

Location: Reunion at Merrion Square

Date: June 5th 2017

Start: @2pm at the startline

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