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The Great Irish Bake 2017

18 April 2017 · 2 min read
The Great Irish Bake

Baking is beneficial for your mind and soul since it lets you focus on the present and distracts you from your everyday issues. There is just nothing more healing to your stress than kneading dough or decorating some cupcakes. It also provides and outlet for emotions. If you love baking, you might want to read below and find out why we think it’s such a great hobby to have, in so many ways:

The reason

The Great Irish bake is organized mostly for charity and for fun. The idea is for people to donate their baking creations and raise money for children in need by selling them. All is done for a good cause and fortunately it also gets colleagues and friends to spend some time together. It’s all about cherishing what you have and to enjoying yourselves while baking whatever you have in mind.

The love of baking

Baking leaves so much space for creativity. Anything is possible and that’s awesome. Baking has the power of giving you a sense of satisfaction if you create something extraordinary that you particularly like. Besides, it has calming aspects and gives you time to unwind. All the stress seems to be gone when you’re standing there with you apron on and whisk in your hand. You can use your own pace, your own preferences and your own ideas, most importantly. Baking is also possible for more people at once, sharing the fun time might just be as good as doing it by yourself and the teamwork might actually lead to great results and confidence about your own skills.

O'Callaghan Bake Off for Temple Street Foundation
O’Callaghan Bake Off for Temple Street Foundation

What you need

An oven, a blender and creativity might be the first things that come to your mind but that’s not necessarily true. You can bake a cheesecake without having an oven, you can mix up your ingredients by melting them and blending them with a whisk and creativity comes while baking. Just follow your preferences and we’re sure you’ll manage to create something great. And in the end, it’s about the taste and not the looks, isn’t it?

Temple Street Bake-off

The Temple Street Foundation is fighting for the well-being of sick children for many years already. Since 2009 they try to engage companies, schools and private families to host bake-offs in their homes to raise money to support the hospital. The O’Callaghan Group is part of the bake-off for many years already and all four sister hotels are partnering together to bake as many cakes as possible. Chefs are busy for weeks to create schedules and ideas. Staff members volunteer to collect money and sell to make the sick kids well again. It’s supposed to be a day of awareness and of collectively working together to raise as much money as possible. Besides the sad cause of the event, it is a fun day of teamwork amongst colleagues.


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