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Different things to do in Dublin

10 August 2017 · 2 min read

There are so many things to do in Dublin that even when you thought you’ve seen everything there is much more still to do! Will give you some idea for the one in look for unusual experiences and unconventional places.

Experience a real operational distillery

The first place we are taking you is the Teeling Whiskey Distillery. Did you know that it is the only operational Irish whiskey distillery in the city? Dublin has a rich past in the Whiskey industry but this one is the first new distillery in Dublin in over 125 years. Visitors are welcome 7 days a week for a fun and interactive distillery experience.

Street art hunt

There are plenty of tours you could do in the city, have you noticed during yours walks the amount of street art? Some of them are part of the quarter background such as the façades in Temple bars but others are more hidden in the city. We are lucky to have one of those master pieces near our hotel on Francis Street from the artist EL Mac. So roam into the city and open your eyes to spot those hiding gems.

Try wakeboarding

For the adventurous, you could try wakeboarding in the Silicon Dock. Home to multinational companies such as Facebook and Google, this is a sheltered place to do wakeboarding. Wakedock features a cable wakeboard park in this enclosed harbour, perfect for beginners or to have fun hitting the obstacles for the more skilled. It is also a good opportunity to admire the impressive contemporary architecture of this quarter.

Navigate the city

Another water related activity and a unique way to navigate the city is kayaking! No traffic lights or busy streets, only the calm flow of the Liffey river. A great way to enjoy Dublin’s most famous landmark and paddle under the renowned O’Connell and Ha’penny bridges. No experience is needed to hop on their kayaks.

Lose yourself in history

Dublin treasures a lot of museums and places where history unwinds to curious visitors. All National Museums of Dublin are free, and they are worth the visit. They host many highly interesting exhibitions, you could easily spend the day looking at memorabilia, animals, jewelry, artifacts, paints and more. 200m from our hotel the National Gallery hosts a permanent exhibition with some of the main Irish Artist. 2 minutes further you will discover some amazing animals that have lived in Ireland in the past such as the giant oak.

Castle, castle, castle

You could also escape the city centre for a day and visit one of the many castles present in Dublin. The Dalkey Castle is located in the south, around 40 minutes on the DART. It offers an immersive tour with actors and skilled archers. The DART station is next to our hotel, so it is convenient for a day trip on Dublin coastline. In the north of the city, you will find Malahide castle, a nice place for a picturesque stroll in the town and a fun tour in the castle.

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