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Complete guide on Public Transport in Dublin

27 September 2017 · 3 min read

If you are coming to Dublin soon you might be interested in how to get around the city with public transport. In fact, this is the best way to explore the city because Dublin has a high traffic density so you don’t want to be stuck in a traffic jam. In addition, Dublin is not a big capital, you won’t need a car to reach all the main attractions. In fact, if you are staying at O’Callaghan Mont Clare Hotel Dublin, you will be located in the heart of the city and many attractions will be on your doorstep. There are also bus stops on the corner and at the train station at a three-minute walking distance. However, there are a couple of tricks to know and we are happy to share it with you. So here is a complete guide on Dublin’s transport.

Dublin Bus

Dublin bus is the main provider of road-based transport in Dublin. You will notice all the stops and signs around the city. It will be useful if you are planning on visiting a more remote site. They are quite slow as they can be stuck in traffic jams and they have many stops on their trip but you will be spoiled by the choice and the frequency. To find out the timetable we advise you to have a look at their official app or using Google map app. Make sure you have coins because notes aren’t accepted. Our final advice is to make a sign to the bus driver as soon as you see the bus coming otherwise he won’t stop!

The Luas

The Luas is Dublin’s tram. There are two lines available named the red line and the green line. It is a fast way to travel but only in between specific area. The red line follows the Liffey river on the North side of Dublin from Connolly station to Saggart. The green line is useful to join South suburb areas starting at Stephens Green to Bride’s Glen. Tickets can be bought on every stop on a machine, you can also buy 7 days’ ticket if you are lucky to stay as long with us. All machines accept card payments.


The DART is the acronym of Dublin Area Rapid Transit. It is your best option to explore Dublin’s coastline with its beautiful sandy beach, cliffs and charming towns. You can take the DART from a couple of train stations located on the Est of the city centre. One of them, the Pearse Station is situated next to our sister hotel The Alexander. It is not a comfortable train, so you know, and you will have to allow some time before it reaches its destination but it is still faster than the bus. Tickets can be purchased at the stations.

The Suburban Rail Network

If you are planning to visit Drumcondra or another suburban area you might be looking for a trip on the Suburban train. It is fairly used by Dublin’s workers so you might want to avoid the rush time. The best place to get the timetables is to go on their website or use your favourite transport app.

Bus Eiréann

Bus Eiréann is the national bus transport provider. It might sometimes do the same route as Dublin’s Bus… but they will only pick passengers traveling outbound, to destinations beyond the reach of Dublin Bus, beyond the M50. So you will be better to choose the Dublin bus. However, it will be handy for a day trip away from the capital. Discovering the Cliff of Moher for example. For timetable and service information you can check their website.


The last option for you, especially useful when other services are not running, would be Dublin’s Taxi. They all have a fairly decent car and it is easy to find them, they are everywhere! If you find yourself in an area with no Taxi passing you can use the app MyTaxi. It is well used by Taxi drivers, it allows you to order a taxi and if you take 2 minutes to set up an account you will be able to directly pay with your credit card.

Getting to and from Dublin Airport

As some of you might come by air we also want to give you advise on how to come down to the city. Dublin Airport is quite away from the Dublin city centre and it will take a minimum of 30mins to reach your hotel. Three options are offered to you. The first one is the take the public bus, a special bus is running every half hours called Airlink. The second option is to choose the Aircoach company, a little bit faster, it also offers more comfort and free Wi-Fi. Your last option is to take the taxi. It is easy to find the Taxi rank, just follow the indication once you landed.

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