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Take your Dog to The Mont

Yes we have 100% stylish dog-friendly rooms at The Mont!

We welcome all sorts of dogs at The Mont however we do have a few rules to make sure that they don’t take over the hotel! If you and your pooch can agree to all of the below T&C’s then you are very welcome to stay over.


***Please note that bookings for dogs must be made directly via our reservations team by phone or email and are subject to a booking fee of €50 per night. We cannot accept dogs to stay at the hotel if they have not been booked in-advance so to ensure that neither you or your furry friend are disappointed please read the below T&C’s carefully and then get in touch with our team should you wish to make a booking or add on a dog to an existing booking.***


Contact our reservations team today and plan a getaway with your pooch.

+353 1 6073900       Email us  

Our Dog Friendly T&C’s

  1. We never had a dog that smoked in bed or set fire to the blankets. We never had a dog that stole our towels or flooded the bathroom. We never had a dog that got drunk, had a row with their travel buddy and broke the furniture… So if your dog can vouch for you, you’re welcome too.
  2. Here at The Mont we welcome responsible dogs and dog owners, if you or your human display aggressive or disruptive behaviour we reserve the right to ask you to leave the hotel immediately.
  3. We want to make sure that space doesn’t become an issue so we can only welcome small dogs weighing a maximum of 15kg or measuring up to 15 inches in height. We have a limit of one furry guest per room (as long as you have your human with you!).
  4. We get a lot of fussy eaters at The Mont so we request that you make sure your human brings your favourite food and treats to ensure that you enjoy your stay fully.
  5. All furry guests and humans must be house-trained as we don’t want any accidents in front of Monty or her team!
  6. We provide beds for all furry guests and your humans, however if you are a light sleeper than you are welcome to bring along your own dog bed. Just make sure that you don’t sleep on the bed with your human because if you damage it, your human will pay for it!
  7. Although our rooms are fab, nobody likes being stuck in there alone all day so please make sure that you are not left unattended for long periods of time.
  8. If your human is leaving the hotel but you are going to stay in the room alone then please make sure that the reception team have a contact number in case of an emergency.
  9. If you are left alone in the room please ensure that your human places the doggy doorhanger on the outside of the door so we know not to walk in on you in the middle of a nap!
  10. Daily room cleaning should be scheduled at a time when the room will be vacant so make sure you get out of the room for walkies if you want a clean kennel to chill in that night.
  11. You are not allowed to go into Speranza restaurant – it smells way too good in there and might just be too tempting for you to resist stealing somebody’s food!
  12. You can visit The Sin Bin bar or any of the other public spaces within the hotel (with the exception of Speranza Restaurant and our gym, Core Fitness) but even if you are super cute you must be kept on a lead at all times as some of our guests may be afraid of dogs.
  13. Your human is responsible for cleaning up your mess if you do have an accident and if they fail to do so penalty of €50 is applicable
  14. The hotel staff are not trained to properly care for you like your human so please do not expect them to give any assistance with your care or to clean up after you.
  15. Furry guests are welcome at The Mont 7 days a week however this is subject to availability and only in certain rooms which we have reserved for you.
  16. There is an additional charge for your humans to pay if they do bring you to stay at The Mont; €50 per stay which is payable on arrival and non-refundable. The only exception is the super good boys and girls which are recognised assistance dogs who can stay with their human free of charge. A deposit of €200 will be authorized in advance for incidents or damages.
  17. Price includes: cleaning fee, welcome pack full of yummy goodies for your dog including pet tasty treat, doggy waste bags, a bed, a blanket, water & food dog bowls (you can bring your own if you prefer).
  18. We ask that the bed, blanket and bowls are left in your room after use. If you really like an item, just ask your human to speak to a member of the reception team who’ll be happy to tell you where you can get your own! If you forget to return or accidentally destroy any of your doggy items your human will be charged a fee to replace them.
  19. To avoid disappointment please make sure that your human mentions you when making the booking through our Reservations Department. If we don’t know about you prior to your arrival we can’t guarantee that we will have a room and goodies for you!
  20. If the room is damaged or super messy, there will be a charge for cleaning or repair costs at check-out.
  21. The hotel does not accept liability for any loss, damage or illness to you, your human or any other guest of employee of The Mont. For that reason all dogs which stay over at The Mont must be fully insured and proof of insurance must be provided prior to arrival at the hotel.

Contact our reservations team today and plan a getaway with your pooch.

+353 1 6073900       Email us  

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